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Tag: Property Taxes

Posted on 06/24/2024
Understanding the assessed value of your home
Whether you’re searching for your next home to purchase or...
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Posted on 04/15/2024
Must-know facts about property taxes
Millions of homeowners dedicate their income to mortgage...
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Posted on 02/05/2024
Basic info to know about your supplemental tax bill
A supplemental tax bill is separate from your annual tax...
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Posted on 12/12/2022
Understanding PITI
PITI, which is short for "principal, interest, taxes and insurance," is an essential term to know for anybody seeking a mortgage loan. The acronym refers to the relationship between these four numbers expressed in a ratio and can tell lenders about your financial status. Here is a breakdown of the term and why it matters to potential homeowners...
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Posted on 03/14/2022
Property tax: Late fees, estimation & more
Like most recurring expenses, property taxes have late fees if not paid on time. While the amount and specific consequences vary from one municipality to the next, property tax late fees are something homeowners will want to avoid. Here are some basic facts about paying your property taxes on-time and in the correct amount: How property taxes are...
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